Return of the Divine Feminine

When colonization was forced upon the inhabitants of earth, all her conquered citizens were forced to operate under masculine energy.  Presently, the divine feminine energy is filling our planetary home and is reawakening the hearts and minds of humanity.  Learning how to tap into this divine energy to achieve balance will yield magnificent results in your mind, body, and soul.  We cordially invite you to join us as we honor the feminine energies in a group activity during the month of May.

The spiritually awakened must maintain balance in their mind, body, and soul.  Many are lacking in at least one of these areas.  To ensure all members of the Golden Race can enjoy a happy and fulfilled life, we are hosting a 72-hour Mind, Body, and Soul detox from Thursday, May 16 until Saturday, May 18, 2019.  Those in search of a divine spiritual awakening will reap magnificent results during this event.   Our energies will be amplified as we combine our mind power with the full flower moon on May 18, 2019.

This detoxification consists of three components: 
Group Ritual, Group Activities, and Diet Regimen 
Group Ritual
Suicides, mass shootings, and company layoffs are at an all-time high right now.  Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT powerless during this time.  You can have spiritual protection to ensure you experience the best outcome in EVERY situation.  We will do a 72-hour protection and prosperity ritual to help protect all our members during the destruction of the beastly system.  We will post detailed instructions in our secret group.
Group Activities
We have daily activities for all participants to perform that will aid in healing your mind, body, and soul.  Each activity is inspired by Spirit.
Diet Regimen
We would like all members to juice fast for 72-hours.  Recipes are in the instructional guide.  We will dedicate each day to a specific area of your life.  To prepare yourself for this diet change, we suggest that you eat one meal per day at least one week prior to this event.
We incarnated at a very special time.  During this transitional period, it is important that we learn how to use the powerful energies that are streaming into our reality.  Those who are interested in participating can do so by purchasing a the detailed instructional guide in our online store.
The Golden Race celebrates all of our mothers this month.  All mothers save 15% store wide during the month of May.  Use code: ILOVEMOM at checkout.
Although many believe they can do everything alone, there is power in numbers.  When we combine our energies for the good of the entire cosmic family, wonderful things can happen in our reality.  Our goal is to ensure all members receive divine protection, health, wealth, peace, and true spiritual enlightenment.  This activity will aid you in doing so.
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