The Grass is NOT Greener on the Other Side…The Superiority Myth of the White-Owned Business

After the 1920-30’s holocaust that occurred in America, many black-owned prosperous businesses were completely destroyed.  This tragic event was followed by decades of Jim Crow and the denial of business loans to Negroes to ensure we never regained our wealth.  This mistreatment stunted the growth of many our businesses and poisoned the minds of our people.  Most people of color today are programmed to believe that white-owned businesses are more desirable to work for than black-owned businesses.  In fact, many of our people still believe there is more job security, benefits, and better pay at white-owned establishments.  However, this stereotypical ideology couldn’t be further from the truth. 
The Myth of Job Security
There have been countless white-owned businesses that have left their employees holding the bag when they closed the doors.  Just last week, Falcon Transport, a white-owned business, left hundreds of drivers stranded across North America.  They closed their doors with no warning to their staff members.  This company was a major carrier who operated over 500 trucks nationwide.  The drivers, dispatchers, and in-house employees were literally given an hour’s notice that their jobs had been terminated.  And this isn’t the first time this has occurred.  
“We regret to inform you that Falcon Transport Co. is not able to continue operations and will be shutting down effective today. 
“Please stop any work you are doing for the company immediately. You are not expected to return to work. Please be on the lookout for further information we will be sending regarding this information.” email sent to all employees
A few years ago, another major white-owned trucking company, Arrow Trucks, closed shop and left all their drivers stranded nationwide.  Their employees had no warning that anything was wrong. They were left unable to feed their families and to make ends meet.  This is occurring more and more as our economy is on a downturn.  More and more white-owned businesses are closing the doors daily and most of our people seem to be oblivious of this fact.  
It is not only in the transportation sector; this is occurring in every industry including computer technology.  Telltale Games, the creators of “The Walking Dead” video game series closed the doors leaving their employees with only a one-week notice.  From Toys R Us to Walmart, white-owned businesses are closing shop with little to no notice.  Even state and government jobs are not safe to work for any more, as we witnessed during the government shutdown that occurred at the beginning of the year.  
The Myth of Better Pay
Many of our people believe they will be paid better at a white owned-business, and this too is false.  Most white owned businesses are run by greedy CEO’s who make millions of dollars while their average employee is paid a little above minimum wage.  Their business concept mirrors the societal model based on a pyramid scheme where the have’s live at the top while most of the citizens barely survive at the bottom.   The more money the company makes, the more money the greedy CEO’s take!  They do not reward your hard work, as they want to pay their staff as little as possible so they can vacation on their yachts and spoil their children in private schools.  
Many people see the big shiny buildings staffed with hundreds of employees and they assume the money will never run out.  They fail to calculate the cost of managing hundreds of people.  Simply paying the utilities can be a burden when a contract is lost.  The larger the business, the more it costs to operate and maintain.   And if the money is being mismanaged (as the world saw in 2008) this can be a recipe for disaster. 
In contrast, most black-owned businesses are managed by the owners directly.  All business owners have a vested interest in the success of their companies; therefore, they value each of their employees.  Many of them know their employees by name and they treat them like a vital asset.  They are more willing to work with your schedule, allow you more time off from work, and give you pay raises when you deserve them to ensure you stay with their company long term.  
The Myth of a College Degree
Last year, we created a video about the deceptive practices of colleges, and we encouraged all our people to get a trade or a skill rather than a college degree.  High schools and colleges are encouraging their students to take out high interest student loans in hopes of landing a “good job” that does not exist.  The predatory loan sharks know our children can never repay the debt because the job market is shrinking.  This is why the 2020 presidential election is addressing this growing crisis.  The next bubble to burst is the college loan debt.  Yet, we are still happily sending our children away to college.  

It’s past time we wake up!

It is time we, as a people, begin to work together.  We need to stop turning a blind eye to everyone else’s shortcomings why we constantly see nothing but problems ahead if we were to support our own people.  Once upon a time, the black community was the place to be.  There were so many artists, poets, writers, actors/actresses, singers, and business owners we never had to leave our communities for anything.  We were self-sufficient, and we enjoyed each other’s company.   When we owned the multi-million-dollar corporations, like our beloved Madam CJ Walker, we treated each other with respect, love and kindness.   It is time we turn back to the ways of our forefathers and rebuild our once thriving business sectors.
There are so many black-owned businesses who need help, however when they attempt to hire their own people, they are treated with distrust, slander, and disobedience.  We must remove the negative programming towards our own people and begin to work together.   
The best way to do this is to network with one another.  We created a member networking page in our website so that our members can support each other in their endeavors.  If you have a skill or a business and would like us to add your information to our page, email us at 


Trust me when I tell you, the grass is NOT greener on the other side. 

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