Narrow is the Way….and Few will Find It

When I first discovered the god of my religion was fake, I desperately wanted to know who the real “God” was.  This question took me on a spiritual journey that changed my life forever.  To my amazement, I found “God” in the one place that every modern-day religion warned their followers to never look….in the “occult.”  
The Physical Attack

When the current planetary rulers usurped power from humanity, they attacked humans on both a physical and mental level.  The physical attack was brutal as they launched crusades worldwide murdering anyone who looked to nature, their ancestors, or the original divine pantheons for their answers.  Women were hung and burned alive for practicing herbalism, working with the forces of nature, and for following the ways of their ancestors.  Men were also slaughtered if they did not accept Jesus Christ or Allah as their lord and savior (depending on what part of the world you incarnated in).  Years of torturous acts at the hands of pilgrims and religious fanatics aided in ushering in the mental attack which was detrimental to humanity’s psyche. 
The Mental Attack 

The main force used during their mental onslaught was fear.  Fear has a crippling effect on the minds of those who it traps in its grasp, forever stunting their spiritual growth and development.  They intentionally relabeled the ancient gods as demons.   They created pseudo names such as Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, fallen angels, and Djinn to describe many of the original Neteru (Elohim).  The place where they reside was relabeled as hell and wild stories of eternal torture were spread worldwide to ensure no human ever wanted to be near them.  Hollywood producers have spent billions of dollars making fear-based slanderous movies against indigenous spirituality.  These mind-control flicks coupled with the millions of churches, synagogues, and missionaries have successfully fragmented the minds of billions of people on this planet into spiritual retardation which has resulted in a never-ending cycle of spiritual regression.  Thus plunging the indigenous tribes of the earth into the dark ages.
Once they successfully turned humans away from their ancient spiritual practices, they secretly began to practice our original forms of spirituality in “Luciferian” and “Satanic” groups.  These two names alone are powerful enough to instill fear in humanity from ever returning to the ancient way.  The psychological fear-based programming that most humans operate under has kept them away from ever discovering their inner divinity.  Your oppressors deliberately did this because they knew this was your only way to true planetary liberation.

Benefits of Practicing the Ancient Way

When you press through your fear and study the ways of your ancestors, you will have all the blanks filled in.  The problems and cares of this life will fade away as the truth rises like the phoenix from the ashes.  Lies will be quickly revealed and removed and only truth will remain.  Your life will once again have meaning as the world around you is resurrected.  The pain, desperation, suffering, and despair you have come accustomed to experiencing in these dead religions will be removed as meaning returns to your life.  
To ensure all who want to return to the ancient way and work directly with the forces of nature can do so, we are inviting you to join our Inner Sanctum group as we dive deep into who we are, why we incarnated, and learn how to work with the energies of the ancients on a personal level to gain guidance, divine protection, increase, to remove self-sabotaging thoughts, and to bring a real change into your life.


Those who are already Golden Race members will be automatically approved for this top tier group if you apply.  Those who are not, are welcome to apply on our website.  If you yearn to KNOW who you are and to become the best version of yourself, I highly recommend you join this group.
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