The Divine Masculine

Our divine men are very special and they deserve our love, devotion, and attention.  Unfortunately, in our communities, our fathers are often overlooked as we shower our mothers with love and affection.  This month, the Golden Race will take the time to ensure our men know how much we love and want them in our lives. 
The Fatherless Home
At one time our homes were a place of security, safety, and love.  Unfortunately, we incarnated during a time of planetary dysfunctionality which has created many single-parent homes.  The vast majority of these homes have been left without the positive influence of male energy.  Children who grow up without fathers are left susceptible to negative influences which could have been avoided had a nurturing father figure been present in their lives. 
Growing up without my father in our home crippled me in many areas of my life.  It left a void of masculine guidance I and my siblings needed to fully develop into balanced adults.  It hurt my brother the most, as he was in constant trouble with the law due to a lack of male discipline.  Regardless of how hard she tries; a woman cannot properly raise a male.  Our boys need men in their lives to teach them how to be a man.  Girls also need the love and affection of their fathers.  When they do not receive it, they search for masculine love in the arms of the wrong man which can lead to mental, physical, and sexual abuse. 
The Single Mothers
The presence of a strong loving father in the home does a world of good for not only his offspring but also for his wife.  Although many mothers have done a fantastic job picking up the pieces of our destroyed homes, they too suffer under the pressure of having to do everything by themselves.  They are often overworked, underpaid, and are under appreciated.  By nature, women are spiritual beings who can easily absorb energies.  All of this negative energy leaves them susceptible to diseases. 
Men provide the grounding energy women need to bring balance into their lives.  He can relieve the stress and pressures of life by just being near her.  When they engage in loving intimacy, the two energies unite and release a power that can change the fabric of our reality.  This is why the Establishment promotes strong, independent women who “don’t need a man.”  This ideology ensures their planetary dominance.    
Not only do our children need their fathers, but our women also need them.  The support of a devoted husband has many benefits for his wife.  


Benefits of a Long-Term Happy Marriage
Longer life span
Better health
Better financial situation
Less stress
More spiritual growth
We want our men to over-stand how special you truly are.  You are loved beyond your current awareness, not only by the living people in your life but also by generations of ancestral energies who are seeded by you.  This month, we are honoring all fathers in the Golden Race online store with a 15% discount on all items.  Use code: ILOVEDAD at checkout. 
Group Activity
Prior to having our own biological children, Ausar and I mentored many children who were in single-parent homes and lacked a mother and/or father.  One young boy, in particular, spent so much time with us he called us mom and dad.  The time he spent with my husband made a lasting impact on his life.  This is our desire for all members of the Golden Race.  
We would like all our male members to take the time to make a difference in the life of a child who may not have a father in the home.  Become the surrogate father to the fatherless.  
We are a global village who must pick up the pieces so our small starseeds will receive the love and attention they so desperately desire.
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