The Golden Race Home School Network

School shootings and student suicides due to bullying are on the rise as mankind is quickly losing their grip on reality.  As this crisis escalates, teachers in many states are now being allowed to carry firearms into the classroom.  Companies are now selling bulletproof book bags for children to wear to school.  If you love your children and want to see them grow to adulthood, I highly recommend you keep them home and teach them yourself.  Better yet, enroll them in The Golden Race Global Home School Network.

I have been homeschooling for the past decade.  Initially, I desired to put my children in school, however, once I discovered they were not being properly taught, my husband and I took them out and decided to teach them at home.  Fortunately, I had previous teaching experience and have been working with children since I was in high school, so creating lesson plans, activities, and events were very easy for me to do.  I have truly enjoyed watching my children grow and develop into respectable young people. 

The other day, I took my children to the YMCA which was packed with other school-aged children for physical activity and my two daughters ages 12 and 9 were hugging me tightly.  I asked them if they felt embarrassed hugging their mommy in public around the other children who were out on summer break.  They both looked at me and agreed that they didn’t care what anyone thought about their affection, they loved their mother and that was all that mattered to them.  This made me smile both inside and out as I knew that this loving attitude was one that I had fostered in them. 

My children are very close to one another because they spend all their time together.  They perform science projects, read books, play games, and take trips as a family.  When people meet them, we are often complimented for raising very nice, respectable, obedient children.  Each child has their own unique personality that is based on their true character; instead of a pseudo alter ego which was developed to fit into a school system.   I allow them to be who they truly are, and I teach them based on their gifts and abilities.

For example, my twelve-year-old daughter loves computers, and she is very artistic.  So, I allowed her to create a YouTube channel when she was nine to showcase her work and to fine-tune her skills.  Presently, she animates videos, draws her own characters, and writes scripts.  In fact, she created all our intro’s and exits for our videos.  She is always showing me how to use some new editing software she has discovered.   

My sixteen-year-old son has an innate ability to fix and repair many electrical components including computers.  So, I started buying him various parts and allowing him to build his own equipment.  He services all our laptops, cellphones, tablets, etc… 

We believe that all children should be allowed to learn in a safe environment that is free from hateful, bigoted people.  There are so many families who have lost their children due to suicide.  We recently visited Trader Joe’s and had a talk with a grandmother whose granddaughter was contemplating suicide because she was being bullied in school.  This is unacceptable in every way imaginable!! 

The Golden Race Home School Network

I know that every parent may not feel comfortable homeschooling, but I believe the opportunity should be made available for all children.  To assist members of the Golden Race with homeschooling their children or family members, I am contemplating creating an online Home School Network for our children that will foster a positive learning experience for the next generation.

Similar to our Mystery School, which is online in a virtual learning environment, our Home School Network will be created in a similar format.  We would provide weekly lesson plans for the students which will outline activities that each child must complete.  We will offer tests that can be submitted and graded. We will maintain the grades in-house for each child so that at the end of their education, they will have access to their transcripts for college.  Each child would have access to a group of children within their age range to interact with.  We will plan annual retreats so the children can make lifelong friends. 

The curriculum would consist of a core curriculum and electives that most children do not receive such as Astrology, Swahili, Numerology, and Economics & Budgeting to name a few.  Our home school network will foster self-love with a strong emphasis on our true ancestral history as well as health and fitness.  The beauty of this program is that any child can participate worldwide because they will learn in the comfort of their own home in an independent study format. 

This program will be cost-effective because you will not have to worry about buying expensive clothes and shoes every year.  Paying for school lunches and being bombarded with school fundraiser programs will be a thing of the past!  Instead, you can invest in their books and supplies. 

Interested in Participating?

Participating parents would have to file papers with their state to operate a home school, which is easy to do.  We will have parent meetings and virtual open houses to ensure everyone is on the same page.  I am already doing these things for my children regularly.  If you are interested in participating, I would love to hear from you.  You can visit our website to complete an interest form so I can add you to our mailing list. 

In my heart, I know this has the potential of being a wonderful program for our children that can save their lives and build their self-confidence.    

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