You’re Invited to our Open House!!!

I have been working diligently this week to create a Home School Network so we can have a safe alternative for our children to learn in.  Our program has an emphasis on Health, Nutrition, and Metaphysics.  In my quest to create this safe-haven, I have found so many useful tools that I know will aid in their learning process.  The parents who partner with us to provide a safe educational alternative for their children are in for a REAL treat!  We invite all who are interested to visit our website so they can register for our Open House.

Homeschooling is a right that EVERY family should have.  Now, every Golden Race member will have the chance to create, implement, and manage their own home school program.  The Home School Network makes this very easy for you to do.   We assist our families every step of the way to ensure they are successful.  From filing documents with your state department of education to creating your weekly lesson plans we are there to help you succeed. 

Changing the Planetary Consciousness One Mind at a Time

Our program offers the following services:

Core Curriculum courses (Mathematics, Language Arts, Spelling, Science, and Writing)

2 Elective Courses

Group Interaction

Weekly lesson plans

Self-Esteem building workshops

Parent Webinars

An Interactive Resource Center for Parents

Metaphysical Courses

Flexible Scheduling

And Much More!!!

If you have been having issues with your local school system or if your children have been struggling with harassment from other students, you definitely need to check us out. 

Ready to Enroll?

We enroll families all year long.  We are having an Open House.  If you would like to attend, visit our website and complete an interest form. 

We look forward to assisting you in creating a safe, nurturing, loving environment for your family.     

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