Food of the Gods

Climate change is returning our planet to its divine state.  Although scientists fear the release of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, all of nature rejoices as it is supercharging our vegetation.  So, while all the genetically modified food that was produced by major corporations such as soy, wheat, and corn will perish, the food of the gods will thrive and flourish.  Those of the divine bloodlines should rejoice and partake in a divine cuisine that will illuminate their chakra systems and restore their divinity.

Plants feed off water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide.  Our second sun has returned, and it is supercharging our environment.  As the ice continues to melt in the Arctic region, carbon dioxide is being released at an alarming rate.  The solar energies coupled with the massive increase in carbon dioxide is nourishing all the original vegetation on our planet.  Wild greens, mushrooms, berries, and flowers are blossoming everywhere. 

You may have noticed how flowers have a more vibrant hue.  This change in color is due to the planetary illumination.  Plants receive light coding directly from the sunlight.  When you consume these wild herbs, you are supercharging your body.   Although corporate giants fear the destruction of their industries, as children of the sun, we should rejoice.  Now we will be set free of their poisonous cuisines that have led to chronic ailments, premature death, and slothful minds. 

Your food should and will be your medicine once the beastly system is destroyed.  We will no longer have to worry about what poisonous cocktail their mad scientists have created in their factories because very soon all their industries will be shut down.  Nature is reclaiming her place in our lives as the primary source of knowledge and nourishment.  Therefore, it is important that we learn how to identify and consume her supercharged cuisines. 

Early this week, Ausar and I took a nature walk in Tennessee.  On our journey, we found these beautiful mushrooms growing all along our path and harvested them.  Later that evening, I researched them and discovered they are edible.  At that moment, I knew they were on our path for a divine reason.  There is so much free food that we overlook every day that can give us optimum health, a strong immune system, and mental clarity.  From the plantain to the Yarrow plants, free medicine and food are waiting to be harvested and consumed.   

I encourage all members of the Golden Race to return to nature.  Start taking nature walks at least once a month and collect some of these free herbs.  Go home and research them and find out if you can consume them or use them for medicinal purposes.  Our ancestors want us to follow their ways so we can claim our birthright. 

Mankind wants us to fear this new reality because they are being destroyed.  They will no longer be able to imprison the animals to merchandise their flesh as hot dogs, burgers, and steaks.  They will no longer be able to subdue our minds with neurotoxic additives and preservatives.  Their planetary control is soon to end as they will be permanently removed from this reality.  

New species are emerging daily.  Soon, we too will ascend.  This new godly cuisine has returned to ensure we soar to new heights and greater depths.

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