The Ultimate Parenting Guide

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our children came with manuals that taught us who they were, why they incarnated, their karmic debt, and outlined future events in their lifetime?  It would make both their lives and ours so much easier to navigate.  All the silly mistakes parents make that could potentially throw their young child off their life path could be avoided.  Well, there are two ancient readings that can provide you with this knowledge, and lucky for you, we offer both in our online store.

Since the beginning of time, man has been intimately involved with nature.  The sun, moon, and stars have played an intricate part in how humanity planned their daily lives, so much so that formal religious beliefs based on their energetic powers were created.  The “sun” of God is so much more than the fables many of us have been led to believe during Christendom.  The power of the spheres coupled with the energetic power of numbers play a very important role in our life experiences.

Both Numerology and Astrology are ancient sciences that were taught to all humans for centuries.  After colonization, they were outlawed eventually becoming taboo to ensure ignorance ran rampant worldwide.  Why? Because ignorant people with no knowledge of self are easy to control and to conquer.  Once you KNOW THYSELF, your life will become more successful.  Fortunately, our members no longer have to live their lives guided by blind faith.  We have created an avenue for all of you to have access to this divine knowledge so you can live a victorious life in this incarnation.

Benefits of Astrology and Numerology

Provides divine insight into your life

Peace of mind knowing what lies ahead in your future

Knowledge of self

Removes fear and doubt

Better insight into the lives of your loved ones

The ability to create a peaceful family environment

Parenting insight as you know more about your child’s personality

The ability to see hidden character traits

Identify Karmic debt

And Much More!!!

This evening, I sat down with each one of my children and reviewed their numerology reports with them.  We discussed their life challenges, past life residue, karmic debts, and are actively mapping out a plan for a successful future based on their unique gifts and abilities.  As a parent, I am delighted to provide them with divine insight into their lives that I never had as a child.

Each child now has a better understanding of their own unique character flaws and what they need to work on in each phase of their lives.  If you cannot accurately provide this information to your children, I highly recommend you allow us to do a professional reading for you.  Personally, I keep their astrological and numerology readings on file and as they age; we revisit them, so they are reminded of their future goals in this lifetime.  As a parent, it gives me a unique tool that has assisted me in raising them to meet their life goals. 

Interested in getting these reports for your family?  Visit our online store.  All Golden Race members and Mystery School students receive a discount in our online store.  Give your family a peace of mind and a more nurturing environment as you gain divine insight into each of your loved ones.    

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