New Super Moon in Libra

A gateway to healing and transformation is opening on September 28, 2019 as the New Moon falls in Libra.

This Super Moon will amplify the energetic effect on our reality.  This event occurs on the same day that Saturn aligns directly over the South Node and the soul-healing asteroid, Chiron, indicating this New Moon may stimulate growth via upheavals and challenges.

Relationships issues relating to our individual journey and life lessons may be triggered as this moon will encourage us to look at our attitudes and behaviors when it comes to the connections in our lives because Libra rules over the sign of Venus.

This powerful lunar energy will guide us to begin thinking of how we can create healthier bonds and connections with others, either by setting boundaries or by showing gratitude towards our loved ones.  It may empower those in challenging relationships to terminate their bonds or to approach old challenges in a new way.

Often challenging people cross our paths with the divine purpose of awakening, activating, and strengthening a part of our soul.  They may also serve as wake-up calls to help us find our true path and divine spiritual calling.

If there are any challenges with a particular person in your life, set an intention, work on finding love and forgiveness in your heart, and see if this energy can help shift you to a new level of action or awareness.  New Moons always open a portal to a new reality so positive change is now in your grasp.

Our ability to move into higher states of consciousness will be easier during this time as we are approaching the Equinox.  The Equinox is one of those times in the year where the veil between dimensions is thin resulting in an increase in spiritual interaction; Thus, making manifestation requests easier to fulfill. 

Your ability to transform out of the old mundane reality and into the new emerging spiritual reality will be much easier to do under this divine energy.  It is important that you know how your body may react to these energies.  You may feel tired, sensitive, and aware of psychic energies.  Therefore, I highly recommend you are open yet protected.

The SiStarhood sorority will do a protection ritual working with the energy of Lilith.  If you are interested in participating, you can purchase this ritual in our online store.  This ritual is designed to help protect you as you navigate these powerful energies.

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