Knowledge is Power

Every month, we host a webinar for all Golden Race members.  These training sessions are spiritually inspired to ensure the participants can transcend our current reality.  We have converted many of our webinars into short courses so non-members can learn as well.  The knowledge in these courses has the power to set the captive free as it stimulates cosmic energy that is lying dormant in your veins.     

Knowledge is Truly Power

Those who have been with us for a while have become accustomed to the forceful removal of our full-length videos from major platforms.  This has been done to ensure the captives are NOT set free.  The Establishment has employed a legion of trolls to make nasty remarks hoping to deter the unconscious from listening to the information we are presenting.  The level of harassment became so intense in 2019 that we silenced all comments on our original YouTube channel.  The powers that be KNOW that the knowledge we are channeling has the power to resurrect the hearts and minds of millions of lost souls that they are feeding on to survive.

A few weeks ago, I was lying in my bed during the witching hour and pondered in my mind this question, “What topic should I present for November’s webinar?”  The Spirit whispered in my inner ear, “Reincarnation.”  As always, I was obedient to this divine instruction.

When most people think of reincarnation, they think of birth, life, death, and rebirth, however, there is so much more to this process than they have led us to believe.  The next morning, I began gathering video clips to prepare a thorough video presentation that is easy to understand.  It is important to remember that in a mental construct, your level of consciousness during physical life plays a major determining factor in what happens to your soul/spirit after death. 

What Will I Learn in this Webinar?

This webinar is one that NO member of the Golden Race can afford to miss!  Dying in ignorance is something you do NOT want to do.   This course will teach you:

The History of Reincarnation

The Law of Return

The Law of Recurrence

What a Soul is

What a Spirit is

Lost Souls

What happens After Death

Your Past Life Karmic Debt

And Much More!!

During these member-only webinars, you can watch short course video lectures for FREE and ask questions in a safe environment.  If you desire to get the course manual, you can purchase it in the online store at a discounted rate.  I purposefully announce these courses a month in advance to ensure members have access to the video lectures.  If you cannot make it during the scheduled time, they are available for sale in the online store.  Diamond status members can request FREE copies if they miss the webinars.

These training sessions are very important to your spiritual growth and development.  All the information we present is pre-approved through higher spiritual sources to ensure its validity.  Our mission is to ensure ALL our members are prepared for life on both the physical and spiritual realms. 

It is highly advisable to mark your calendar for November 23, 2019, at noon to ensure you do NOT miss this webinar.        

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