2019 Ausar N Auset StarSeed Awards

We have decided to reward our members who have invested their time and money into the Golden Race.  Although we are very thankful for every one of our members, there are some members whose positive behavior has made a lasting impression on us.  So, we have decided to reward these StarSeeds with something special.  This year we chose four categories: Most Dependable, Most Dedicated, Most Supportive, and Best All Around.

The Most Dependable member is one who has taken part in over 95% of our meetings, events, the Mystery School, and webinars.  This is a person who we know will be present even if no one else shows any interest in what we are hosting.  By unanimous vote, we have selected Jewel.  Jewel came into the Golden Race at a top tier level so she could attend the Mystery School and has participated in every event we have hosted.  Not only did she attend, but she was actively involved to ensure she over-stood the information we presented.  For this, we are very thankful. 

The Most Dedicated member is one who goes the extra mile to show their devotion to the Golden Race’s mission.  This person takes their spirituality seriously and will not be swayed by outside influences.  By unanimous vote, we selected Olivia.  Olivia attended both the Meeting of the Minds and the Cosmic Family Reunion, even after we had to cancel it for lack of member participation.  She traveled to Charlotte, NC from Ohio, when members who lived within a two-state radius did not attend our meeting.  She is also enrolled in our Mystery School and is actively involved in the SiStarhood Sorority.  Therefore, we know she is truly dedicated to The Golden Race.  We are very grateful to have such a devoted member.

The most Supportive member is one who goes out of their way to show their support by patronizing our online store consistently and by being involved in our group activities.  Membership support is very important for the overall survival and growth of the Golden Race because we are not government funded and get no monetary reward from social media outlets.  By unanimous vote, Frederick W. is our most supportive member of 2019.  This young man told me that although he knows he can purchase many of our items from other major stores, he buys them through us to show his support.  He is actively involved in our closed group and has maintained a positive attitude in all situations.  We are very grateful to have him as a member of the Golden Race.

Last but definitely not least, is our Best All Around member.  This member exemplifies all the other three categories and much more.  They are supportive, dedicated, and dependable.  This member exemplifies the character that every member should possess.  By unanimous vote, we selected Tamara.  Tamara has gone above and beyond anything we had ever imagined for a member.  She has donated her time and talent to create a new radio segment.  She is actively involved in the Inner Sanctum and in our Mystery School.  She shows her love by constantly shopping in the online store and by recommending us to other people who are waking up in consciousness.  In fact, it was her idea to do the Membership Drive this year.  We are truly blessed to have her as an active member in the Golden Race.

Jewel, Olivia, Frederick W., and Tamara have been added to our Wall of Fame so all our visitors can see their hard work and dedication.  We are sending all our current members a Christmas gift card in the mail, however these four will get a special package from us along with their certificate of achievement.  Again, we appreciate each one of you.   We hope that the members who were not selected this year learn from the behavior of our 2019 StarSeeds so next year you too can be rewarded. 

We wish each and everyone of you a safe and happy holiday season.  Don’t forget to join us as we count down 2019 during our 2020 Cosmic Countdown.  Early bird tickets are now on sale.  Purchase your pass before December 10 and save $10 off the admission price!     

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