Spiritual Cleansing for 2020

December 26, 2019 marks another powerful day that will occur in 2019.   A new moon and solar eclipse is occurring on this day.  New moons signify new beginnings and solar eclipses denote rapid changes in either internal or external circumstances.  To ensure all our members and subscribers can shift their lives in a positive direction in 2020, we are hosting a 72-hour Spiritual Preparation for the New Year group ritual.  This ritual will help you remove negative energies from your home and invite blessings and prosperity as we enter the new year.

Our reality consists of energies that are both positive and negative.  If you desire to have love, peace, harmony, wealth, health, and stability, you must first remove all the negative energy that is giving you the opposite results.  Negative energies are attracted to low vibrational items and situations such as trash, arguments, and fatty foods.  In 2019, we have done a lot of cleansing of our bodies, however; we have done little in spiritually cleansing our homes.  Before 2019 ends, it is imperative that we purify our dwelling places so we can attract positive energy and experiences into our lives.  

We encourage those who are not members to take part by purchasing a group pass in our online store.  

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