A Favorite Pastime

I love putting flowers on my ancestral altar and I change them out frequently. Instead of throwing them out, I use them to create potpourri. If you have purchased red poinsettias for the holiday, do not throw them out, follow my simple recipe to create some of your own. It looks great and will make your home smell lovely.

What you will need:

Sheet pan
Essential oil
Spritz bottle
Parchment Paper


1) Collect your dead flowers from your vase(s). Any type of flower will work.

2) Line the sheet pan with parchment paper.

3) Preheat the oven at 200 degrees

4) Cut off the tops or the leaves of your dead brittle flowers and lay them on a sheet pan.

5) Mix 10-15 drops of essential oil into a tablespoon of water

6) Spritz the flowers and bake in the oven for 1-2 hours until the flowers are brittle but not burnt

7) When the potpourri is ready, remove from the oven and add 5 more drops of essential oil

8) Once it is at room temperature, place it in a bowl or small satchel. To refresh spray them with the oil mixture again.

This is a fun activity that can be done with your children as well for a simple arts and crafts project.

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