2020 Cosmic Countdown

We are a week away from the Cosmic Countdown and this metaphysical party will be one for the history books!  Unlike last year, we have a lot of videos that most of our YouTube subscribers have NEVER seen.  Due to excessive flagging of our content in 2018, we had to stop uploading our full-length videos onto their platform.  So, this year’s countdown will be an eye-opening event for all who attend.

While religious people are attending services nationwide and secular people are partying, we are inviting the metaphysical community to come together for a virtual cosmic party hosted by The Golden Race.  The beauty of this event is that everyone can attend regardless of where they live because it can be accessed in the comfort of their own homes.  You don’t have to worry about buying an expensive outfit for this party, in fact you can wear your pajamas if you like.  You will chat and interact with like-minded individuals who are interested in ascending this current reality in a fun and safe environment.   

What Participants can Expect

The outline for this event is as follows:

We will do a meet and greet from 10:30 pm until 11:00 pm EST.  At 11 o’clock, the first video will be uploaded into the party room so everyone can watch it uninterrupted.  It is an hour long and will count us down into 2020!!  After the countdown, we will all come back together again for a 10-minute break and group interaction.  At 12:10 pm EST the next video will be uploaded into the party room which contains the first Ausar N Auset video of 2020!  This video outlines EVERYTHING that will occur in the coming year. 

Everyone who attends will be entered for a chance to win three prizes.  The first-place winner will receive a FREE short course of their choice.  The second-place winner will receive a complete Ausar N Auset video season (which consists of 6-8 videos) of their choice in an MP4 format.  And finally, the third-place winner will receive a FREE basic astrology reading.   At the end of the video the three winners will be announced, and upcoming events will be discussed.   

After the video, everyone is encouraged to call back in so we can do a Live question-and-answer session before we conclude this event.  Those who participate should be prepared to take notes as there will be a lot of useful information given out throughout the entire program.  A direct link to the party room will be put on our main page on December 31, 2019 to ensure all who are planning to attend has easy access.  Access codes will be emailed out the night before.  We have secured all party pages to ensure the information we are presenting is confidential.  

If you cannot attend for any reason, we highly recommend you purchase the 2020 Cosmic countdown pack which includes copies of both videos and an hour long Real Talk session that goes into greater detail surrounding everything that will occur in the near future.  All packs will be emailed out starting January 1, 2020. 

This upcoming year will be packed with a lot of unexpected changes and knowing what lies ahead will give those who attend an edge over millions who are still trapped in the matrix.

Need to purchase a pass? You can do so by visiting our website. 

Hope to see you at our 2020 Cosmic Countdown! 

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