A Gift that Keeps on Giving

We are on day 5 of our 7-day Chakra Detox and I am feeling great!  I was given a special treat from nature yesterday, a day of heat and sunlight, that I used to help illuminate my chakra centers by meditating and doing my yogic poses under its soothing rays.  As a result, I am boiling over with energy as my body feels completely rejuvenated.  During this detox, Ausar’s gift he gave me has proven to be a rare jewel that I encourage everyone to get if they desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ausar was raised in a family who was not health conscious.  As a result, he gained too much weight in middle school.  During the summer before high school, he decided he would lose all the extra pounds, so he began to count his calories and he exercised daily.  Before school started, he lost all the extra weight and looked great.  From that moment on, he was determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  And like wine he has gotten finer with time, making me a very proud wife.

This year, he bought our entire family, kids included, smart watches.  At first, I honestly didn’t think I needed one, however, during this detox, I have fallen in love with mine.  It is like having a personal trainer with you at all times as it motivates me during my workouts; it counts my steps, heart rate, food intake, and much more.  My watch came with a health app that allows me to record what I am eating and drinking, and it calculates everything for me. 

For those who are interested in losing or in maintaining their weight, it lets you set a weight goal and a date in which you would like to achieve it and it tells you exactly how many calories you should consume daily along with how many calories you must burn to reach your goal.  This is a wonderful feature as it will ensure you remain consciously aware as you go throughout your day.  

Besides the health features, it is a phone; it plays YouTube videos, music, and I can download other neat apps and change the face so it has a different look.  My children’s smartwatches have tracking on them, so we know where they are at all times.  They can call us, and we can call them without having to worry about if they lost or have misplaced their cellphones (which they have done on many occasions).  Overall, the entire family is happy with our smartwatches and we know that anyone else who purchases one will be as well.  

Although there are many to choose from, we recommend the Ticwatch as they have many great features.  We sell two types in our online store, the Ticwatch E2 that is Bluetooth (no sim) and works with your cellphone.  The other one, the Ticwatch pro 4G, uses a sim on the Verizon network and can work independently of your phone.  It does not have to be put on a contract as you can simply purchase a sim and the $15 monthly service plan directly through Verizon.  If you are interested in maintaining a healthy weight as you become more consciously aware of your diet and daily activity, I highly recommend you to purchase a smart watch.  

I caution you about purchasing some of these cheaper off brand versions, as I attempted to do so and had to return the product.  The phone quality was muffled and the picture quality sucked.  The fitness application was lacking and never properly connected to my watch.  As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.  So I would definitely invest in a high quality watch like the Ticwatch.   

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