Added Protection for the New Year

Astrology plays a key role in your life and in those around you. For centuries our ancestors were aware of this and used this ancient science to make important decisions, such as when to go to battle or when to appoint people into high positions.  Historically, many artists and writers used astrology to gain creative insight and to avoid the infamous creator’s block.  Astrological influences have shaped and formed our present reality and learning how to work with the energies of the planets and stars will enable you to live a more productive life.  

Prior to the creation of formal religious practices, our ancestors relied on astrology to find self-actualization, inner peace, and acceptance.  All those traits you’ve wished you could change, but just can’t seem to do so were astrologically determined to be natural characteristics.  The old phrase, “Hard habits die hard,” was easy to decipher when we all clearly understood the astrological influence on our reality.  As we readopt this ancient practice of reconnecting to nature, you too will understand that there are some things that come naturally to your sun sign and that is why you act the way you do.  This knowledge will lead to self-acceptance as you let go of your flaws and live your own unique life.

2020 is a year that is filled with astrological influences that will have a major impact on our reality. To ensure all our members and subscribers can benefit from this cosmic energy, we will host group rituals around these events.  Our first group ritual is scheduled for Friday, January 24, 2020 which falls on the first new moon of the year. 

This new moon will be at 04°21′ Aquarius and is square Uranus.  This is a sign of unpredictable behavior, unexpected changes, and crazy mood swings.  A star which indicates crises and erratic mental states will influence this new moon.  This energy will lead to uncertainty, anxiety, and insecurity for those who are unprepared.  The combination of a challenging Uranus aspect and a neurotic star is not a good omen for peace and harmony in the month ahead. However, all energy can be manipulated by focusing your mind and emotions to bring wealth, success, protection, and love into your life.

Working with the Energy of a New Moon

28-day cycles start and end on new moons which denotes the start of something new.  When the moon is conjunct the sun, it gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative making this an excellent time to make a fresh start.  If you are looking to turn over a new leaf or to start a new project, the new moon is the time to do so.  We will use this energy to start our year off right by doing a group intercessory protection ritual.

Ausar and I will conduct a 72-hour protection ritual beginning Friday, January 24, 2020.  We will do this ritual for us and anyone else who would like spiritual protection during these upcoming chaotic changes.  If you would like us to intercede on your behalf, you can visit our online store to purchase an intercessory pass.  All members receive a discount in our online store.  

Regardless of your choice to take part in our intercessory ritual, you should still do our regular group manifestation ritual at 11:11 pm EST on January 24, 2020. We will do this ritual every New Moon.  We have placed reminders on our group calendar, so no one will forget to participate.  As we work cohesively with the forces of nature, our lives will change for the better. 

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