Dealing with the Evil Villain in Your Life

No fairytale that includes a King and Queen is complete without the presence of a wicked witch.  That person who is sickened by the love and devotion of the divine royal pair; and our story is no different.  We too have a witch who has taken every opportunity she could to ruin our life experience.  Learning how to identify and protect ourselves from her future attacks was monumental in the preservation of our marital union.

Most children of light can identify with my life as many of us have been under spiritual attack.  The way to combat these demons is by fighting them on the astral plane.  You must get in line with nature so you too can work with the cosmic energies to bring protection to your life.  I use magical seals, candle magic, and lunar energies to keep my family safe from her influence.  I do not talk to her on the phone and will not visit her in person.  I am an Empath, so I can feel her negative energies that have left me in physical pain in the past.

In 2020, I will post articles that deal with spiritual protection and powerful reversal spells in our member-only blog that you can use to keep yourself and your family safe as our enemies are removed from our reality. 

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