The Greatest Love of All

There is a divine reason why “Black” History month occurs in February.  This month contains a very special day, Valentine’s day.  This day is a time for sharing and expressing love for one another, and black people are one of the most loving groups on this planet who have exhibited an enormous amount of love for every other racial group.  However, it is time that we learn how to love ourselves with the same level of intensity because self-love is the greatest love of all.

Our race was forced to live under cold critical eyes of a racist establishment that magnified our imperfections every chance they got.  Besides the racist societal caste system, many were underlings of siblings who achieved in areas that you may have failed in, thus the intense focus on them and frequent disregard for you can lead to self-hatred.  These subtle triggering instances have all contributed to our eventual loss of collective self-love.

Due to our historical past mistreatment, many of us have inherited negative emotions towards ourselves and as a result, suffer from self-hate.  The accumulation of mishaps and financial lack in our historic past have left us failing to unearth our true potential and to give due remedy to personal self-healing.  Failure to recognize how special we truly are is hampering our spiritual growth and development.

Low self-confidence and self-hatred develop during childhood. Unfortunately, many of us have parents, teachers, friends, and enemies who are keener to our deficiencies than our talents. They constantly remind us of our mistakes and kill our inner drives. These negative statements may not have been said directly to your face, but their actions and sneers successfully convinced your subconscious mind that you are unworthy of true love and acceptance.

These negative beliefs have sent many members of our racial group blaming the collective whole for all of our failures. And you too may have even convinced yourself that you are also responsible for the failures of people you have close contact with.   As a child, sweeping statements may have been repeatedly stated in your presence; causing you to convince yourself of how stupid or insignificant you are.  If you fail to consciously silence these destructive thoughts you will soon discover that although salvation from self-hate is presenting itself to you, only a life-changing miracle will save you from your own demise.

Low self-confidence coupled with a lack of self-love is delimiting.  It will send you stomping on your endowed capacities while you unconsciously internalize your failures as early defeats.  It confines you in a comfort zone where everything is safe from potential humiliation and further mistakes.  Your comfort zone will then make you believe that you must not venture beyond its four walls because out there, disappointments and losses await, thus resulting in a lack of cooperation with others whom you identify yourself with. 

This negative outlook leaves you living a pessimistic life where you constantly tell yourself how harsh and messed up things are.  If you are to successfully complete this incarnation, you cannot surrender to the inner critic that has been pre-programmed to grow inside of you.  You must defeat it and present your authentic self to the world.

The Establishment promoted “black” role models coupled with the lack of real attention given to our group has led to negative thoughts of incapability and inadequacies of our people doing meaningful things; when in fact we have gifts beyond our own reckoning.

The time has come for a miracle to take place in the hearts and minds of our people.  It is time that we shake off all the negative energies that have been directed towards us and love ourselves.  This month, we will do several group and individual activities to assist you in rediscovering the true contributions of our ancestors and the latent potential within each of us.

Activity #1: Participate in our Meditation Challenge.  

This challenge will assist you in removing negative thoughts, anxiety, and depression from your life so you can have direct communication with your higher self.  Communing with your higher self will bring a sense of peace which will give you a clearer perspective resulting in a better life experience.  

Activity # 2: Pamper Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Spend this day loving yourself.  Take the time to beautify yourself and then treat yourself to a fancy dinner, to a movie, or to a day spa.  Spare no expense as you show your love to the most important person in your life: yourself.  Other people may come and go, however you are a constant presence until the day you die.   

Activity #3: Join the Golden Race

The Golden Race is a metaphysical organization designed to assist our members in raising their consciousness so they can have a better life experience. We do this by providing the true history of our planet while incorporating activities that are designed to heal the mind, body, and soul. Surrounding yourself with positive people who want the best for you will effectively assist in your spiritual growth and development, thus resulting in self-love.

Until we learn to love ourselves the way we have been programmed to love Christ, Muhammad, and other racial groups, we will never live life at our greatest potential.

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