Rekindle the Love Ritual

Many people know that our ancestors used the moon cycles to track the seasons. Besides keeping up with the change in weather patterns, the moon was also used as an ancient tool to influence the energetic flow and vibrations in our reality. Sunday, February 9th, the Full Snow Moon will provide us a golden opportunity to fully express ourselves in our personal relationships.

This moon had several names by various indigenous American tribes including the Hunger moon, the Full hunger moon, the Storm Moon, and the Full Snow Moon. During this time of the year, many people found it hard to hunt for food especially when storms and heavy snowfall occurred. The difference in names was primarily because of the experiences each tribe had when this moon appeared in their part of the nation.

In 2020, this full moon will occur in Leo opposite the Sun in Aquarius. When the Sun is in Aquarius, it denotes a time for self-expression. When you can fully express yourself you can change lives, warm hearts, and build bridges to create long-lasting meaningful relationships. A full moon that is moving through Leo, will increase your desire to let others know how you feel. You’ll have the courage to tell others you love them and to express your appreciation for them. This energy will allow you to be open, honest, and vulnerable. Tapping into this energy will grant you the courage to experience the beauty of life.

As with all energy, it can be used for your benefit or to your detriment. Those who are ignorant of this cosmic influence may find themselves in sticky situations as they say things they may regret. Being too bold without spiritual guidance and discernment can lead to unwarranted arguments and more resentment in your relationship. However, knowing about this influence and working with it, can give you the boost you need to improve your love life.

Whether you are in a marital relationship, are dating, or if you are interested in someone but have not been brave enough to tell them how you feel, you can benefit from this energy. To ensure all our members and subscribers can use this lunar energy for their own benefit, we have created a ritual that will eliminate sexual tensions and problems as it reignites the passion in your relationship. Its primary purpose is to improve loving relationships that have lost their fire and fun.

If you are interested in taking part in this ritual, you can visit our online store to purchase the instructions. Members receive a discount. Tapping into the energy of the Full Snow Moon will assist you in having the relationship you have dreamed of.

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