Deciphering Spirit’s Messages

As the planetary frequency continues to rise, more people are receiving divine messages from Spirit in the form of dreams.  Special messages encoded in your dreams are unlike any other dream you may have experienced in the past, as it leaves you unable to stop pondering its meaning.  The smells, sounds, and details are crystal clear denoting the authenticity of this divine experience.  Knowing how to decode these angelic messages will put you on the path to true spiritual enlightenment.

Dream interpretation is as old as time itself.  We know because the interpretations of dreams were permanently recorded on clay tablets. Our ancestors considered the dream world as an extension of the physical world around them, and in many cases, they saw the dream world as more powerful than the waking one.  In fact, it is believed that all humans exist in the dream world (astral plane) before they are born.

Scientists have discovered that all humans, and many animals, dream every night. Humans have always been fascinated to learn what causes dreams and what they mean.  The subconscious mind uses the dream system to process events, relationships, and situations that you have experienced during the day and it can draw conclusions that your conscious mind may have missed.  The subconscious is almost entirely intuitive.  It gives you warnings in the form of “gut” feelings about situations.  It draws conclusions based on intuition rather than logic.  That is why so many of your dreams are emotional and disjointed. 

Dreams leave behind residual feelings.  But without the ability to interpret our dreams, we become victims of whatever thoughts our subconscious mind chooses for us to dream about.  And without the ability to recall and decipher those dreams, we can never take charge of those random emotions and attitudes that originated from a dream that may not apply to our daily lives at all.

Dreams had a religious content in many indigenous civilizations, including ancient Egypt. In fact, many priests and priestesses were dream interpreters. Dreams were among the items recorded by the ancient Egyptians in the form of hieroglyphics. Those whose dreams were especially vivid or significant were thought to be blessed and were given special status in their society. Likewise, people who were able to interpret dreams were thought to receive these gifts directly from Spirit, and they enjoyed a special status in society.

If you had a dream that you just can’t seem to forget, we can help.  We now offer dream interpretation for those who would like to decipher spiritual messages they have received.  Each dream will be individually analyzed and divined to ensure you receive an accurate interpretation that can benefit your life.  If you are interested in having us interpret your dream, you can visit our online store to place an order. 

Allowing us to professionally interpret your dream will assist you in accessing real knowledge that can change the course of your life.   

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