Draconian Measures…the Last Ditch Effort to Stop the Coronavirus

There are so many types of natural disasters that have taken place in the past few years that it has led many people to question their ability to survive these life-threatening events.  While no one wants to think it may happen to them, we have all witnessed the footage of Puerto Rico and it is now a reality that natural disasters can strike without notice. Even the wildfires spreading out of control in Australia reminds us of the unrelenting power of nature. As the coronavirus spreads through China, draconian measures are being implemented to fight this alien virus before the entire world is consumed.

In addition to natural disasters, we are now being bombarded with supercharged viruses that are claiming lives at an alarming rate.  From influenza to the coronavirus, no one is safe from infection.  It is important to pay close attention to the warnings that are broadcast on TV and the internet if a natural disaster or a disease is near you.  It is unbelievable the number of people that ignore this information as they live in denial believing nothing bad can happen to them or their loved ones.  Regardless of what part of the world you live in, danger can strike your area. 

If you are asked to evacuate an area, do so quickly and calmly.  Some people who stayed in Wuhan are now regretting their decision, especially since it has become a quarantine zone.  Rescue efforts are no longer available for those that stayed behind as Draconian measures are being taken to ensure the virus stops spreading to the rest of the world. 

For those who remained, it would have been a good idea to have an emergency supply kit to treat small injuries, especially now that their medical facilities are overwhelmed with patients.  Extra food can mean the difference between their continued lives or imminent deaths.  Bottled water and canned goods in surplus would have been the best choice because they can be stored for long periods of time.  

Surviving in Times of Crisis

If you are in a situation where you must remain on your own for a few days until rescue teams can reach you, there are several items that can help you survive.  Relying on the food in your refrigerator is not wise as it can spoil if the power goes down which is common after a natural disaster.  Therefore, make sure you keep non-perishable food on hand and extra medication for those that need them regularly.

If you have small children in your family, make sure you have extra supplies for them.  Stocking up on personal items such as diapers, toilet paper, and toothpaste can help you stay healthy during an emergency.  Since you may be without power for several days, you will want to have lanterns and flashlights readily available.

A small first aid kit with essential items can be useful because you never know when someone will be injured.  You should do your best to clean the injury to prevent infection until professional medical care is available.  To ensure you are trained in treating wounds, I recommend taking a first aid course or watching some how-to videos on YouTube.

A natural disaster can be very scary for everyone, especially for children.  Make sure your family gets plenty of rest and allow your children to openly share their feelings.  Many parents think it is best not to tell them what is going on, but that makes them more afraid as they will know something out of the ordinary is taking place around them.

Hopefully, you will never experience a survival situation, however, it is wise to be prepared. To ensure all our members and subscribers have access to essential items you will need during an emergency, we have added several survival items to our online store.  Having these items at your disposal can make the difference between your survival and your untimely death.  

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