Coronavirus Self-Quarantine Can be a Blessing for Families

While millions are fearing the drastic lifestyle changes that have been forced on them because of the spread of the coronavirus, there are many benefits that can come out of this situation if you have an open mind.  I have been living very similar to those who are now in self-quarantine for the past two decades.  I work from home, homeschool my children, do not attend church weekly, and rarely eat out.  As a result, my family is very close knit and happy as we have spent quality time together without outside influences.

When my son was three years old, my husband started his own business.  Two years later, I became pregnant again.  After doing research on the benefits of homeschooling, I quit my job to homeschool our children.  Besides teaching them, I also assisted my husband with his business and as a result, we all spent a lot of time together.  As time passed and our family grew, my children became each other’s best friends and a special bond between me, and my spouse developed that would have never occurred had I continued in my career. 

As a family, we spend every day together, from the time we wake up until we go to bed at night.  I was able to see my children grow and develop from literal fetuses (on their ultrasounds pictures) into teenagers.  In contrast, I would watch my friends and their husbands live two separate lives as their children slowly grew apart from them, creating alter-egos to fit in at school.  One woman admitted to me she hates her teenage daughter because of their differences.  When we told another man, we drive from east to west coast every year as a family he quickly admitted he couldn’t be in a car with his wife for two hours without arguing.  Deep down, I knew the real problem in their families was a lack of quality time. 

The little time these families spend together created emotional walls that had the potential to separate them for a lifetime.  Secretly, I wished more families could spend more time together.  Now millions of other people worldwide will do exactly what we have done, and although many will see it as a hinderance, I know it is a divine blessing.  Jobs, schools, and churches have robbed many families of their time leading to an increase in broken homes. Time is precious and is a gift you can never get back once it is gone.  

Missing church on Sundays was new to me at first, but over time, we developed our own spiritual practices that have grown into an online community: The Golden Race.  So, now I have other cosmic sisters and brothers who I interact with. I also created the Home School Network, so my children and I can fellowship with other home school families on a daily basis. If you are new to homeschooling, I encourage you to join us.  

Life can be as enjoyable as you desire it to be once you shift your perspective.  Although our life may not be conventional, it granted me a smooth transition as our world enters the era of self-quarantine.  While my neighbors are panicking about their children’s schools, jobs, and churches closing my life has not changed a bit.

At-Home Activities we Enjoy

Playing Board, Card, and video games 

Taebo workouts

Meditating in nature

Solar bathing

Studying, identifying and picking herbs in the backyard or on our community walking trail

Making homemade items: soaps, lotion, body splashes, etc…

Walking & Bike Riding

Cooking together

Cleaning the house together

Doing yoga together

Creating and sharing oral stories

Singing together

Watching Metaphysical movies & shows – then discussing them to find the occult meaning

Arts & Crafts

Having time to spend with the ones I love every day is truly a blessing, and as this virus spreads, millions will soon agree that more home time is something that everyone can benefit from. 

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