The Coronavirus’ Impact on our 2020 Cosmic Family Reunion

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and mass travel restrictions, we will host our Annual Metaphysical conference: The Cosmic Family Reunion in a virtual setting online.  This will allow all our members, regardless of where they live globally to attend and learn in a safe environment.

Although we were looking forward to fellowshipping with our members in person, we know a virtual conference is still a win-win situation as participants can save on travel expenses leaving them with more money to support their families as COVID-19 spreads.  The registration fee is less expensive, and you don’t have to worry about paying for hotel accommodations, extra food costs, nor leisure activities.  You will now be able to focus on the knowledge we are presenting without outside interruption in the safety of your own home.

Our activities will include workshops, live group interaction sessions, and a group abundance ritual.  We have chosen topics that will assist our members with the permanent changes COVID-19 will have on our reality. 

Workshop Topics

Coronavirus: The Evolution of Man

Meditation with Nadia

The Importance of Teaching Your Children the Knowledge of Self & the God Body

The Coronavirus & the Psychological Impact of Mass Transitions

Solar Healing

The Medicinal Diet

Successfully Navigating a Virtual World

Each workshop has a 3-4-hour window when the lecture and e-guide will be available.    This will give our participants plenty of time to log in throughout the day so they can learn when it is convenient for them.  The registration fee is all-inclusive and covers the cost of each workshop, e-guides, and the group ritual. 

The conference is scheduled for May 1-3, 2020.  We have updated the agenda on our website and we encourage you to register as soon as possible if you plan to attend.  As our world is changing, the knowledge we present at our 2020 Cosmic Family Reunion will ensure you have a smooth transition.    

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