Real Talk: COVID-19 It is a Matter of Life or Death

Last night we posted a podcast entitled: “Real Talk COVID-19: It is a Matter of Life or Death.”  In this podcast, we discussed why African Americans are dying at an alarming rate.  Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with racial differences.  The culprit behind all these deaths is poor health and willful disobedience. 

When Ausar and I first heard the news reports that were singling out one racial group, our initial response was shock.  We both realized that COVID-19 is NOT a racist disease as it will kill anyone who cannot fight it off, however after consulting Spirit about these reports, I now realize these news reports are divinely inspired.  For years we have been trying to educate our community about health and fitness.  We even created a FREE Health center on our website that has FREE juice recipes, exercise tips, a BMI calculator, organized group detox events, and videos in hopes of saving more people from diseases.  To date, very few have visited or taken advantage of these services. 

Ausar has stated in several podcasts and videos that COVID-19 is the judgment seat that will separate the wheat from the tare.  Many people who heard his statements confused what he was saying with racial groups, however, we warned our readers about focusing on the vehicle (the body) while you fail to pay attention to the driver (soul force).  Presently, this global disease is claiming the lives of everyone in all racial groups and of all ages.  However, experts warned everyone before its spread that those with compromised immune systems are at greater risk of dying from this disease. 

In ancient times, gluttony (obesity) was considered a deadly sin because it leads to many diseases that can be avoided if a person lived a healthy lifestyle.  Presently, this ancient knowledge has been replaced in many Christian churches and the preachers now teach that Jesus died for your sins therefore, you can live a sinful (unhealthy) life.  As a result, millions of people are living with diseases that could have been avoided had they developed self-discipline and adopted a healthy lifestyle.  

Our ancestors knew that our bodies were the temple of God and that it must be kept clean and disease-free by practicing self-control and discipline.  That is why periodic fasting and strict dietary habits were in place to ensure the members could enter the “kingdom of heaven.”  It is recorded that Jesus explained that the kingdom of heaven was inside of you, therefore if you wanted to live in a state of bliss you must put your treasures (right foods and thoughts) in there so you had a better life experience.  

Unfortunately, so many of our preachers in the black community have failed to understand and correctly interpret bible scriptures. Their misinterpretation has resulted in the demise of our people who are perishing at an alarming rate.  For years, we have been trying to educate our Christian family members on diet and nutrition and were met with resistance and willful disobedience because they believed they would get a new body and that Jesus died for their sins.  

The “new” body the scriptures referred to was an ascended vessel that would be changed once the earth ascended in frequency and consciousness.  The current bodies would have to transmute to match the new vibratory rate. If it was sinful (full of diseases) you will die and fail to enter a heavenly state of being. There is no new body waiting on Christians in the sky.  This is why your scriptures told you to bring heaven to earth.

Now that the news is blowing the whistle on the alarming number of African-Americans who are dying from COVID-19, we pray this is a wake-up call so more of our people do not continue to perish due to their miseducation.  Easter Sunday is rapidly approaching, and we recommend that everyone stay home, exercise, and make a conscious decision to turn from their wicked ways so their days will be long upon this earth.  Failing to do so, by following the advice of Pastor Porkchop will have catastrophic results in the near future.  The only life you are supposed to save is your own.  

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