Cryptocurrency is the New Pigeon Drop Scheme

Olivia, my Sistarhood sorority sister, and I are working on a short course on cryptocurrency.   As we research this form of monetary exchange, my mind is being flooded with elements of an old episode I saw as a child on a sitcom called “The Jeffersons.”  The episode involved a scheme the characters referred to as the “Pigeon Drop.”  The similarities are baffling; therefore I am compelled to share what I see with my readers. 

The premise behind the “Pigeon Drop” was to convince the “pigeon” or ignorant person that the money they had could be multiplied if they traded their money for more money from the con artist.  The conman would start by gaining the pigeon’s trust by appearing to be a successful expert in his field.  He would convince the victim that every other “smart” person was already doing it and that they were missing out on a big score if they refused to participate.  This is the same premise of Cryptocurrency. 

When I started researching this new form of exchange, the first thing the educator tried to do is convince me that the money I already have is fiat (fake) and will soon lose its value.  They make you fear that it is controlled by a central bank and backed by governments who can freeze your assets without your consent.  They neglect to remind the pigeon that the money in a bank is insured, therefore, if they are robbed, they can file a claim and regain access to your funds.

Unfortunately, most of the media and all the markets are controlled by the same group of pirates whose primary goal is to get rich quick.  Therefore, they can make ANYTHING appear to be valuable when it is not.  Just because multimillionaires are investing in something does not mean it is a good investment.  The herd mentality often leads to destruction. This is why you were warned in ancient texts with a scripture that read “wide is the path that leads to destruction, narrow is the way to life, and few will find it.”  

A Fool and His Money is Quickly Separated

There are laws to safeguard banks against thieves and bank robberies, however, this is not the case in the virtual world that houses the worthless cryptocurrency.  In the pigeon drop scheme, the pigeon would ignorantly trade their real money for an envelope or bag that was filled with worthless newspaper scraps.  I see the same thing happening in the crypto con-game.  Crypto money is digital and is not insured by anyone.  Therefore, a hacker could have a field day in their systems, and many have already done so.  I wouldn’t be surprised if these “hackers” were the same conmen who convinced everyone to trade in their money in the first place. 

Pirates have been around since the beginning of time, always thinking of a way to separate people from their wealth in exchange for nothing.  Broken promises, false hopes, and fake financial statements fueled the crash that occurred in 2008.  Bernie Madoff is a prime example of the modern-day pirate whose sole purpose was to get rich off the ignorance of others, and he was very successful in doing so. 

The Metaphysics Behind Cryptocurrency

When you analyze the word, “cryptocurrency” the root is crypt.  A crypt is a place where you bury the dead.  Currency is energy.  Money is referred to as currency because it took energy to obtain it. Therefore, cryptocurrency is a waste of energy that will lead to an early grave.  Similar to the “cash for gold” scheme that was done on the American public in the early 2000s, many fools traded their real money (gold) for scrap paper.  

As we continue to research and create our Cryptocurrency course, we will ensure our participants are fully aware of not only the benefits but also the risks involved in this monetary platform.  The vast majority of today’s billionaires are the descendants of the pirates of old. Your new billionaires obtained their status by using the same predatory methods to gain their wealth.  A Democratic nominee said it best, “You don’t EARN a billion dollars, you STEAL a billion dollars.”  

In our teetering economy, we must all keep our eyes and ears open and remember what Spirit has shown us in the past, lest we fall prey to the same “pigeon drop” schemes every decade.  Learn to soar with the eagles by developing a keen sense that can detect the deceitful hunters. 

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2 responses to “Cryptocurrency is the New Pigeon Drop Scheme”

  1. Good review on this subject! I tried getting into crypto game a few yrs. ago. I didn’t have a good experience. I ”could” have made lots of money from Etherium and or Litecoin. But was caught up in Bitcoin and aqauiring it. To me crypto is only a short term thing to where u get in, make ur money, then get out like stocks.

    1. I have a bad feeling a huge scam is coming via cryptocurrency as the economy worsens.

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