Paranormal Experiences: Interdimensional Beings

Millions of people have seen or felt the presence of strange beings who have entered their rooms at night while they laid in their beds. Although this is a common occurrence, few have taken the time to thoroughly discuss why this is happening worldwide. During 2020, we are venturing behind the veil by exploring paranormal accounts that are submitted by our members and subscribers. This month we will explore two experiences that deal with interdimensional beings hoping to answer the question, “Why is this happening?”   

Experience #1

“I saw a mancubus demon floating above me. It was 9 feet tall and all black. This girl I had no sexual attraction to kept trying to mess with me at work making me feel some type of way going as far as messing with other male coworkers to get to me. This entity attachment is still attacking me till this day! Sun gazing didn’t get rid of it. However, I did water fasting. My job was at a good place, so I started eating food again.”


Experience #2

One night I was sleeping in bed and when I opened my eyes, I saw a grey figure standing beside my bed. He had grey skin, jet-black eyes, and a bald head. He was looking directly in my face. Another night, I woke up and a white woman was hovering in my ceiling above my bed. She was wearing a white gown and had brown hair. It spooked me out. I put my head back under my covers and when I was brave enough to look out again, she was gone.”


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