COVID-19 Heroes Act Must Pass Now

They have turned the spin machine up to max speed as the most important bill in American history, The Heroes Act is being overlooked by the Senate.  

Our government shut down our economy to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, hoping to save lives.  This act caused a domino effect that has led to an unprecedented number of unemployed citizens who cannot afford to finance their lifestyles without income.  Although they are now re-opening the economy, millions of jobs will be lost, leaving families to fend for themselves.  Without financial help, this will be a catastrophic event that will forever change the lives of millions. 

Before the economic shutdown, provision for the citizens should have been priority number one.  Refusing to allow people to earn an honest living to feed their children and pay their living expenses leaves Americans in a vulnerable situation.   All rent and mortgages should have ceased on day one to ensure no one was evicted from their homes.  Although some states issued a moratorium, the full amount of the back payments will be due once they are lifted, and with no income, millions cannot pay these enormous bills, thus leading to homelessness on a level we have not seen since the Great Depression. 

While the House understands the dire situation we are in, the Senate is playing “poli-tricks” looking at the deficit as an excuse to allow the unthinkable to happen to their law-abiding citizens.  This is not the time to be distracted with conspiracy theories, old UFO footage, or race game tactics that will divide us one against the other.  If Americans fail to come together and demand our politicians to do the right thing for the people, this will mark the end of this country as we know it.  Wallstreet was bailed out under the Obama administration, it is time the people are bailed out under President Trump.  

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