Safe Traveling During COVID-19

As the states are slowly re-opening, Ausar surprised me with a Mother’s Day gift and a spring break trip for our children to Myrtle Beach, SC. Although many people believe it is unsafe to travel at this time because of COVID-19, you can do so if you use caution and take the necessary steps to protect your family from infection.   

We stayed in a resort that was on the beach that had an amazing ocean view.  We could sit on the balcony and see and hear the peaceful sounds of the ocean.  We did meditation and yoga on the beach and being directly on the ocean saved us a lot of time and money because we could walk to all the major attractions.  

The resort had a washer and dryer, a full kitchen, living room area, and a jacuzzi tub so we could relax and unwind in our room.  We cooked every day because we did not trust eating out, especially as COVID-19 is still spreading.  There were indoor and outdoor pools, a lazy river, and multiple jacuzzies on the first floor.  They also had a fitness room that we were happy to use since our local gym has been locked down for over a month. Prior to using the equipment we sanitized it and only entered when no one else was present.  

Lucky for us, the beach wasn’t too crowded, so we could still practice social distancing while we relaxed in nature.  On my morning nature walks, I found beautiful stones and seashells that I collected to add to my collection.  There was a boardwalk that runs parallel to the ocean.  It had many shops, restaurants, and activities for people to engage in. Many of the attractions were still closed and there were a few people roaming around so we had plenty of room to navigate without fear of contracting the virus.

 There were historical facts about Myrtle Beach along the path.  These signs gave me the opportunity to educate my children as we walked and enjoyed the scenery.  Although many attractions are still closed, we had a blast.

Tips for Safe Traveling

Wear a face mask in crowded areas

Buy your food and cook in your room

Avoid buffet bars

Take the stairs if the elevator is crowded

Practice social distancing by finding secluded areas to picnic and relax in

Wipe down all door handles, light switches, and other items that are touched regularly by guests

Wash your dishes and sheets before use

Stay active

Make morning smoothies for breakfast that are packed with superfoods

Solar bathe daily        

This trip has elated me as I think about our 2020 Cosmic family reunion that we are planning for September 2020.  We had a blast, and I know all the cosmic family will enjoy themselves at the reunion that has been rescheduled for September in this city. This beach has a peaceful spirit that will aid in your spiritual growth and development. 

As our society slowly re-opens, life as we know it will never be the same. Many stores were still closed, and some required face masks before you could enter. The grocery stores made sure every cart was sanitized before you touched them. Although, there are protective measures in place, I encourage you to still venture out and explore our beautiful planet. Just make sure you proceed with caution.

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