Flat Screen Devices are Modern Day Black Magical Mirrors

When I was young, televisions had a heavy thick glass with a gray background. It protruded out from the front of a wooden box that sat on the floor. The picture was often distorted, discolored, and fuzzy. Today, our modern-day magicians who many call scientists and inventors have replaced the original television with an electronic black mirror.  The “flat screen” televisions, cellphones, and tablets all have a flat picture like appearance with a black coating behind a sheet of glass. They allow the watcher to see clear images from the past, present, and future and from faraway places while the viewer sits in silence staring at it for long periods of time in an alpha state of consciousness. All of these modern-day devices are black mirrors that are gateways for spiritual forces.


The Black Mirror of Old

The black magic mirror used for scrying was a powerful psychic tool. In ancient times, they were used to see into the past, present, and future.  It could show you hidden knowledge as the viewer could interact with various spirits from different timelines. This mirror was a portal to other planes of existence that allowed the watcher to see into other dimensions. You could also see your past lives and gain valuable insight and information into our reality.

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