The Burning of the Minneapolis Police Precinct is a Historic Event

Before this year began, we had a Cosmic Countdown with our members and subscribers.  During that event, I revealed the numerological meaning behind 2020 as Spirit had revealed it to me.  I warned them that the number 2 represented conflict and because it was followed by a zero this energy would be amplified.  Therefore, this year would be filled with conflict from start to finish. Well, as usual Spirit was right as we have been dealing with COVID-19, a massive infection rate, untimely deaths, an economic collapse, climate change weather anomalies, political debates, racist attacks, civil unrest, police brutality all in the first half of the year!  Last night, I watched as a historic civil uprising unfolded because of the long-standing conflict between law enforcement and the black citizens they swore to protect and serve which has resulted in a police precinct in Minneapolis being overthrown and burned by its own citizens.  

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