Our 13 Day Powerhouse Detox Starts on the Summer Solstice

Every year, the Golden race hosts our Annual 13 Day Powerhouse Detox to cleanse our minds, bodies, and souls as we activate our light bodies. At this critical time in our planetary evolution this event can mean the difference between ascension and devolution for many. To ensure all who desire a more powerful spiritual experience will have one, we are inviting all our members, subscribers, and followers to participate in this divine event.

This is a powerful activity that is designed to work with the ancient forces of nature. It begins on June 20, 2021, the day of a solar eclipse and the first day of the summer solstice. We will kickstart it with a 72 hour group ritual that works with the energies of RA in a ritualistic fashion. Throughout this event, we will weaken the physical body through fasting and strengthen our spiritual bodies with meditative and yogic activities.

This event includes:

A Group Detox
A 72 hour group ritual
A powerful Merkabah meditation
Daily activities
Closed group access

Those who have participated in the past have had amazing results. Many reported feeling full of energy, having a clear mind, feeling healthier, and having access to the divine. If you are interested in experiencing these dynamic benefits, we invite you to register for our life-changing event. By the end, your Merkabah will shine bright as we prepare for ascension.

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