Spirit Communication: The Ouija Board

The infamous Ouija board has been depicted in many movies as a tool that can communicate with spirits. Both of our accounts this month involves the use of this board game that gave the users very different results. As we venture beyond the veil by analyzing these paranormal accounts, we will focus on disembodied spirits who live right beyond our scope of vision.  

Experience #1

“Well, when I was back in 10th grade in high school around Halloween in October, me and my four friends went online and ordered a Ouija board and used it at an abandoned house not too far from the school.  Turns out it was a bad idea because when we went back home, I called my friends on the phone on three-way.  All of a sudden, faint voices faded in the phone line.  We kept talking and these annoying voices kept getting louder and louder.  They sounded unhuman so me and my friends were puzzled. The voices kept saying, ‘We are legion, we are many. 6666 you summon us, your soul belong to us.’  It lasted for an entire week. I was so petrified I didn’t know what to do, so I tried a little experiment. I got the Bible. I started reading it over the phone and what I heard, I will never forget to this day. It was like they did not like that. They started growling, yelling, and speaking in an unhuman voice.”


Experience #2

“My friends and I wanted to use a Ouija board after watching a movie on television. We purchased the board and smoked our room with white sage. We attempted to use it and nothing happened.  I was so upset because I had seen so many movies on television and on YouTube that claimed spirits could communicate via this board. I don’t know what I did wrong, but it didn’t work for us.”


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