The July 4, 2020, Lunar Eclipse Marks the Culmination of an Old Paradigm

After years of war, feminine, and deep-seated hatred, humanity was forced to surrender its superfluous characteristics to reveal our true nature.  We have passed through the fires of social injustice and indoctrinated hatred to separate our divinity from our ego personalities.  We have cried a river of tears as years of pain and hurt were purged away from our bloodlines.  We are now entering the time of separation where things, people, and situations that are no longer serving us will be removed from our reality to make way for the divine union with our emerging new world.

July 4-5, 2020 marks the end of an ecliptic gateway that began in June.  This Capricorn lunar eclipse denotes the culmination of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle we have been in since 2018.  The end of any cycle is the start of something new. 

Occurring in the Sirian gateway, this eclipse will purge away all the impurities from our reality.  Sirius, our spiritual sun, is always very active during the first week of July.  Therefore, we planned our 13-day Powerhouse detox to end right before this divine event.  Sirius’ energy is magical and will send us a galactic recharge of energy that has the potential to lift us into higher levels of conscious awareness. 

Mercury retrograde and Mars will still be active allowing heightened emotions and tensions to rise.  Those who have prepared themselves by strengthening their auras and realigning themselves with nature will experience a supernatural renewal as their spiritual bodies will be cleansed and rejuvenated.  Those who have not will suffer the consequences of their own willful neglect.   

To ensure all our members and subscribers can benefit from this divine energy, we are hosting a group ritual. 

This activity is designed to assist you in making the alchemical leap needed to transmute yourself into a divine member of the golden race.   

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