Our Spiritual Renewal

As our 13 Day Powerhouse Detox winds down, I feel refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated.  My energy level has soared, and my skin now has a brighter glow.  My temple has been cleansed of toxins and my aura is brightly shining.  I am enjoying nature on a much higher level as my vibration is now off the charts.  Other participants can attest to these same experiences as we embarked on this journey as a group. If you missed our cosmic event, it is not too late to begin your spiritual renewal. 

Here are two testimonials from my SiStars who joined me on this spiritual journey.

This is my second 13 Day Powerhouse Detox that I have done. This time around, I was much more disciplined to stay committed for the entire process. I feel like I have better discernment and hear from my inner self more clearly.” —Lolita Jacintho

I feel amazing, these past days have challenged my mind, body and spirit by allowing me to push past my the one person that stands in the way of my abundant health and that deeper spiritual connection – me! I am so grateful for the opportunity, the support and experience! I am experiencing instant manifestation which really blows my minds…I feel strong and more grounded! Looking forward to what is ahead and of course the next detox! Oh, did I mention that getting rid of 6lbs did not hurt!” –Nadia

I have been juicing and detoxing for many years, and I feel elated to have my spiritual family do this with me regularly.  This cleansing opens our minds and hearts to experience a greater interaction and love for one another.  Our detox is much more than juicing.  It consists of meditation sessions, aerobic activities, solar bathing, and daily group interaction.  When you are finished, your mind, body, and soul will be renewed.   

If you missed the opportunity to cleanse with us on this journey, you can still participate by purchasing a pass.  You will get instant group access that has the daily posts, videos, and instructional information to encourage you on your journey.

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