Gearing Up for the Retail Apocalypse

For the first time since 1980, Walmart will not host their annual Black Friday sale.  This is a sign of an upcoming retail apocalypse, as they are the largest retailer in our nation.   Retailers are closing daily, and items are slowly disappearing from the shelves.  Soon, people will find it hard to find items they were used to purchasing for special occasions. 

We have been in transportation for over a decade and have seen firsthand our industry shrink. Prior to COVID-19, trucking companies were shutting down at alarming rates. The more trucks that leave the road, the less amount of goods are available to the public. The mandatory shutdown during the first half of the year bought the retail industry to a standstill and now that stores are re-opening, many businesses have shut down indefinitely. Those who are still open are changing up the way they order and purchase inventory.

Parents nationwide are preparing for their children to return to school. With COVID-19 hotspots spreading, millions of children will have to resort to online learning. This is occurring when laptops and computers are disappearing from store shelves in many major cities. If you are having trouble finding a laptop, check out our online store.

To combat this issue, we have partnered with a major retailer and can now get electronics at a discounted rate. To sell these items to the public, we have added an electronics section to our online store. New products will be added regularly, so we encourage you to check back weekly. If you need an item that is not listed, use our contact form and we will do our best to get the item of your choice.

We are stocking up now so we can host our own Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale in our online store. Golden Race members receive a discount on ALL items we sell.

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