August 2020 Full Moon will Bring an Unexpected Change

Although this year has been filled with unexpected changes, there is more to come!  August 3, 2020s full moon marks a significant change in our lives as we know it. To ensure we harness the lunar energy to swing the ball in our favor, we are hosting a group ritual that is bound to bring abundance into our ever changing reality.

Monday, August 3, 2020 the full moon falls in Aquarius and is square Uranus thus denoting a surprising change and unusual events.  You must be flexible to deal with these upcoming situations.  This cosmic event will occur on the same day Mercury is opposite Saturn, just like our previous new moon on July 20.  This indicates that positive thinking, dedication, endurance, and sympathetic words will make the hard changes ahead easier to deal with.

This is occurring at a time when many people are sick, families are hurting financially, and our economy is teetering on the brink of collapse.   The fact that the Moon is opposite the Sun will force many to focus on their homes, families, and personal relationships for the following two weeks of this moon phase.  This unexpected change will magnify inner tensions and external pressures as more people will have to choose between their work-related versus family issues.  Without spiritual protection, these conflicts will lead to major crises that will siphon your energy.

During the full moon, these emotions will be magnified.  Our group ritual is designed to counter these effects, and instead of bringing more lack and problems into your life, it will lead you to a road of prosperity and divine protection.  If you would like to participate, you can purchase a pass in our online store. 

Using your emotional strength and intuition will guarantee you will overcome any unexpected challenges that may arise. The power of the group mind will strengthen your subconscious awareness, giving you an impartial and balanced perspective in our ever changing world.

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