The Home School Network Offers Black History 365

There was an episode on the “Chappell Show” that aired many years ago about a racist black man named Clayton Bigsby.  He was blind and was raised in an all-white orphanage.  The leaders of the program did not want him to feel out of place, so they lied to him and told him he was white.  His history books were filled with stories of white supremacy and as a result he became a white supremist, hating all people of color and marrying outside of his race.  Unfortunately, this is happening to millions of children today in the US school systems. 

When my son was five years old, my two-year-old daughter was crying, and he looked at me and said, “Mommy, you should have had a little white girl.  Black girls are bad, white girls are good.”  I asked him who taught him that, because I knew I nor my husband would ever teach him this ideology.  He looked at me puzzled, unsure of how he knew this.   At that point, I realized they had indoctrinated him into a white supremacy mindset, so I decided to spend a day with him at school.

When I walked into his classroom, I noticed how all the black children were seated in the back and the white children were seated in the front of the class.  When a black child would approach their teacher, she treated them as if they were aggravating her.  When a white child approached her, she acted out of a spirit of love and kindness towards them.  As I looked in his workbooks, I noticed all the pictures that had negative adjectives such as bad, sad, or mean had a black or brown face beside them.  All the pictures that had positive adjectives like happy, kind, or pretty had white faces.  So, the treatment he received in kindergarten was preparing him to become a second-class self-hating citizen. 

I knew that if I allowed him to continue on this path being introduced to a black history program that began in slavery and was laced with stories of inequality and struggle, he would be a future Clayton Bigsby, so my husband and I decided to home school him so we could build his self-esteem by teaching him his true history and self-worth.  Unfortunately, so many parents fail to see the warning signs when their children are little, and they grow up to be self-hating negative people who are unproductive in society.  This must change if we hope to reclaim our ancestral legacy.

In the process of teaching him, I learned so many interesting facts that I had never learned as a child that it ignited a fire in me to share this information with others.  So, we have created a Black History 365 resource center that is part of our Home School Network.  Unlike the traditional “Black History” that is taught in schools today, our information is presented from a positive angle and deals with historical achievements instead of slavery and struggle.  When a child can envision someone who looks like them doing great things, it can have a long-lasting positive effect in their life. 

Everyone who enrolls in the Home School Network has access to this resource center that is filled with stories of ancient black civilizations in Africa, Europe, and the Americas, black scientists and inventors, little known black history facts, videos, and much, much more.  We encourage everyone who desires to have a greater respect for your fellow man to take part in our program so our children can learn about the accomplishments of black people.  I believe if we truly desire a change in racial relations, it must start with the education we are presenting to our children. 

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