Join us as we Harness the Power of the September 2, 2020 Piscean Moon to Create the Life of your Dreams

We are at a critical time on this planet, where the meek are destined to inherit the earth, but they are surrounded by enemies who are hell bent on their destruction. These enemies are in all racial groups and in all socio-economic backgrounds.  If humanity cannot awaken to the truth, they will soon find themselves in a hellish reality in which they cannot escape.

This year has been one of chaos that will bring order back into our reality.  However, many will be destroyed during this time because they are unaware of the cycles of time and of how energy works.  Unfortunately, your planetary controllers KNOW what time it is, and they are determined to ensure you forfeit your inheritance by willfully giving it up.  They are bombarding your subconscious minds with lack, struggle, injustice, racism, and violent acts daily, hoping the collective conscious will continue to create a hellish reality. 

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