COVID 19 On-Demand Group Webinars

COVID 19 has caused so many drastic changes in our lives in 2020.  To ensure our members and subscribers have been kept up to date with this virus we have created a comprehensive resource center, a FREE Facebook group, a closed member-only group, a podcast, and we host meetings every month.  Our meetings are highly informative, as we present information you will find nowhere else.  If you have missed one of our meetings, you can now purchase an On-Demand copy on our website.

We added a page to our site that contains all the meetings we have had this year.  These meetings are lectures that are filled with news clips and scientists who present useful information that can save your life and those you love.  If you have missed a meeting, I highly recommend you visit our site, and get caught up.

This month’s meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2020 at NOON EST.  During this meeting we will do a LIVE Q&A session that will be recorded. A portion of the session will be put on our COVID 19 Ground Zero podcast.  If you would like to attend, you can register by clicking the button below. 

This virus is an ever-present enemy that will be here for quite some time.  Learning more about it can save your life.

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