We Invite You to Attend our Webinars Based on our Mystery School Short Courses

If you are interested in taking some of our Mystery School short courses, we have a golden opportunity for you.  Starting September 18, 2020, we will host LIVE webinars based on our short courses.  Each webinar will consist of a lecture and LIVE Q&A session. We have priced our webinars at an affordable rate to ensure those who are interested in learning can afford to do so.

Our Mystery School differs from any other school is in existence today.  It was spiritually created to assist ALL members of the Golden Race in achieving personal mastery by tapping into their own inner Divinity. As our planet is undergoing her own personal illumination, so are her inhabitants. It is of the utmost importance that you learn how to master your mind, body, and soul to illuminate with our Mother Goddess if you are going to elevate to the next phase of evolution.

All of our webinars are based on our On-Demand short courses.  Taking these courses as a group will save you a substantial amount of money as an admission pass is only $29.99!  So, you are getting a $150 course for $29.99!! All our courses come with a video lecture and a detailed course guide.  Participants will have the option to purchase the course guide at the end of the session. 

We have two quarterly webinars that are scheduled for September.  The first one is Aromatherapy.  It is scheduled for Friday, September 18, 2020 at 7 pm EST. 

In this webinar we will discuss:

The History of aromatherapy
Essential oils
How to create your own oils
Safe oils
Harmful oils
Recipes for healing
Recipes for cleaning products
and much more!! 

The second webinar’s topic is Mediumship.  It is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2020 at noon EST.  In this webinar we will discuss:

The spiritual existence

Death is not the end 

Healing through spirit communication 

Tuning into spirits

Fine-tuning your mediumistic abilities

Using your intuition 

Ancient customs 

“Crossing over”

The journey of the soul 

And Much, Much More!!! 

The Aromatherapy webinar is FREE for our SiStarhood Sorority members.  The Mediumship webinar is FREE for ALL Golden Race members.  If you are NOT in our SiStarhood Sorority and are NOT a Golden Race member, you can still attend by clicking the button below to purchase your admission pass.

We invite those who are serious about their spirituality and yearn to learn more to join our FREE Facebook group, so you stay in the KNOW.  We will host a different webinar every month that is sure to enlighten your mind and elevate your consciousness.  

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