The Parasitic Spirit of a Narcissist

Today, the Narcissist ranks number one as the most familiar mental health diagnosis as more people are discovering they were raised, dated, married, or had sibling rivalries with one.  Their traits are well known and online discussions centering around their malicious activities fill up blog posts and chat rooms.  Yet, the most important fact that many have negated is to associate their spiritual composition with these types of individuals.   

Negating the spirit which occupies the physical body is like focusing on the negative behaviors of a vehicle and not holding the driver accountable for his actions.  The spirit of a man is the controlling force which chooses what is and is not acceptable behavior. 

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness….” Ephesians 6:12

Many of the tactics that are publicly taught to use when dealing with a narcissist is ineffective because they do NOT incorporate the spiritual aspect. You must learn how to do spiritual warfare, which starts with protection work. IF EVERY narcissist has generalized actions, a similar energy (spirit) must inhabit them.

Narcissistic Traits

Pompous sense of importance

Fixation on power, brilliance, beauty, and their idea of love

Believe they are better than everyone around them

Requires excessive admiration and praise

Feelings of entitlement

Lack of empathy


Exploits others

Arrogant in both behavior and thought

Liars who show no remorse to their victims

The bodies of humanity are vehicles that are occupied by energies called spirits.  There are classifications of spirits which have traits that are unique to each type.  Therefore, narcissists have existed since the beginning of time operating various vehicles cross-culturally.  The words familiar and family share the same base because they are similar in nature.  Familiar spirits gain power when they unite with similar forces to extinguish a different energy (spirit).  The narcissistic mother’s scapegoat is often a light worker who she does NOT consider as part of her family.  Since a familiar force powers her golden child, the narcissistic parent accepts him/her. 

This knowledge was revealed to me as I was divinely led on a journey of self-healing and discovery.  Raised by a narcissistic spirit, my life was harder than most.  Dealing with her rage, gas lighting, and triangulation tactics left me depressed for many years.

I often cried myself to sleep and hid behind a bubble of insecurity as she and my narcissistic sister systematically stripped me of EVERYTHING I held dear.  Incarnating as her scapegoat isolated me, giving me the time I needed to develop my own gifts and abilities so I could learn how our plane of existence operates.

Since childhood, I have had prophetic dreams and was able to communicate with both incarnate and disincarnate spirits.  These abilities made me an empathic person who was able to see behind the physical body and its actions, understanding their motives.  As such, I made more allowances than most and my kindness was often misinterpreted as weakness.  When demonic spirits gossiped about me, sabotaged my life, or belittled me, I rarely fought back because I could understand their need for acceptance and love.  I thought my positive actions towards them would teach them how to behave, but I soon learned this is impossible to do, as narcissistic spirits are incapable of unconditional love and will never change for the better.  As time went on, absorbing their abuse left me in a state of mental despair.

To reclaim my power, I will expose years of their abusive tactics so I and other light workers can be set free.  I have made several podcasts and videos about my narcissistic mother and sisters as instructed by my spirit guides.  Prior to doing this, I failed to publicly expose their abusive behavior.  As a result, I have been gang stalked by them and their recruits.  Avoidance only empowers narcissists, leaving them free to lie to others about you as they continue to destroy lives. 

As the frequencies on the planet rise, more light workers will be tasked with dealing with their unresolved issues, many of which were caused by these parasitic spirits.  The ultimate goal is to prepare for your divine ascension.  I encourage you to visit our website at, schedule a consultation, join our metaphysical life coaching group, and tune in to my podcast as I reveal ways you can spiritually protect yourself during their destruction and eventual removal.     

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