The Law of Attraction will Lead to Disaster: Reclaim the Ancient Art of Detachment

Many spiritual people are promoting the law of attraction, knowing it will lead to emotional turmoil.  Focusing all your energy on houses, jobs, and relationships will only push them further away from you, giving your enemies more power in your life.


Attraction and attachment go hand in hand.  When you finally get what you desire and you lose it, it can destroy you!  Most people who attract their desires are terrified of losing what they have achieved.  Losing their dream job, home, or loved one will send them into a tailspin, which is what I see happening to millions of people today. 

My followers are familiar with my story regarding my narcissistic mother and all the trauma she inflicted on my life since childhood.  Her abuse made me a better person who has learned the ancient art of detachment.  Her constant sabotage, intending to ruin my life, led me to this spiritual concept as things I gained lost value.  Deep down I knew it was a matter of time before I lost them, especially if I shared it with her or one of my siblings; so I never became attached to items, people, or situations.

This is an important spiritual principle the world has forgotten since demonic forces conquered it. Today’s metaphysicians and spiritual practitioners teach the opposite, encouraging people to yearn for things they will eventually lose. Their philosophy states the reason they are experiencing bad things is because their negative thoughts are attracting them. Thus, blaming the victim for their abusive situations. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Regardless of how many happy thoughts you think, how you try to raise your vibrational energy, or how hard you meditate, bad things will happen to you because we live in a fallen world. This planet fell in vibration many years ago, opening the door to negative entities.  These parasites feed off humanity’s misery and despair, so they encourage you to desire things in hopes you will lose them.


When you get attached to your home, job, and relationship and lose them for various reasons these entities gain sustenance.  Your suicidal and depressive thoughts are a delicacy to them.  The only way to free yourself and reclaim your peace is to detach!  This is why your Bible told you to wear people as a loose garment and to put your treasures in heaven where the thieves can’t steal or destroy them.  And of course, we KNOW heaven is inside of us! 

Over the course of my life, I have lost friends, family members, homes, and jobs. Cruel and demonic spirits have crushed many of my dreams and aspirations. When I first started the Golden Race, I had dreams of growing this metaphysical society into a worldwide organization. And, as usual, these negative entities followed us from platform to platform, sabotaging everything we attempted to do. This was a spiritual reminder to detach by not allowing these people to have rulership over my spiritual destiny. 

The Establishment uses this same attachment tactic on its citizens, encouraging them to buy homes, go to college, and maintain employment, knowing they have plans to tank the economy by raising taxes, increasing interest rates, or criminalizing normal activities.  As they strip people of their wealth, sadness and depression increases.  Their sabotaging tactics lowers the frequency on this realm thus granting them more power in this dimension.



Although this planet is being set free, more negative things must happen in order to shake humanity from its slumber. During this transitional period, your detachment is the only thing that will save you.  Death has been used for eons to put the herd into submission.  But, I warn you, as I did with the global vaccinations, those who attempt to save their lives will lose it! 

Reach the point where you don’t care if you get a house, a car, a job, or the person of your dreams.  If you do, GREAT, if you don’t, THAT’S FINE TOO! That is the only way to regain your power.  Once you do this, you will no longer care what they say about you, how they feel about you, or what they’re doing to hurt you.  The only thing that will matter is YOU… OPENING THE WAY TO YOUR DIVINE ASCENSION. 

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