Hybrid Solar Eclipse: Group Ritual, April 20, 2023

On April 20, 2023, we will witness a heavenly event that only occurs a few times every century.  A hybrid solar eclipse will occur as a new moon in Aries, giving us the strength we need to change our lives for the better.  We invite you to combine your energies with the cosmic family in a group ritual designed to bring divine protection, financial stability, and mental clarity as negative energies are removed from our lives.   

Metaphysically, solar eclipses are associated with transformation, change, and new beginnings.  However, with a challenging square aspect to Pluto, the spiritual meaning of the April 2023 solar eclipse deals with relinquishing control. 

In spiritual and esoteric traditions, the sun symbolizes our conscious awareness, and an eclipse represents a moment where our external reality is momentarily obscured, allowing us to turn inward and explore our own subconscious realms.  Thus granting us the opportunity for personal growth, transformation, and a chance to shed old patterns that no longer serve us.

During this solar eclipse, there is a risk of crisis as humanity is forced to deal with power struggles.  Those who do not correctly harness the energy will experience a desire for more power and influence, with a tendency to be more assertive and controlling, leading to stress, ego conflicts, power struggles or crises with your self-confidence, esteem, or identity. 

Group Ritual

To ensure this powerful energy is used for our benefit, we are hosting a group ritual, April 20, 2023.  The power of a solar eclipse heightens spiritual energies, making this a wonderful time for meditation and contemplation. 

During this event, we will tap into a positive spiritual influence from a fixed star to help us let go of our need to be in control while granting us the ability to achieve our goals.  If you have been searching for work or housing, I highly recommend you take part in this ritual.  Pluto’s influence will increase our energy, strength, and motivation.  

This ritual will:

Usher in divine protection

Remove negativity from our lives

Increase conscious awareness

Increase financial success

A significant transformation and spiritual rebirth are possible for all who participate.  This ritual will jumpstart the evolutionary process, catapulting you to a higher spiritual level as you release things that are no longer serving you.  

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