• Make Yourself a Priority

    Make Yourself a Priority

    I booked a one-bedroom condo for five days at a resort that was on the beach.  After searching for several days, reading reviews, and comparing prices, I thought I had the best deal.  Boy, was I wrong! When we arrived, there were no carts left for us to take our possessions up 10 flights of… Read more

  • The Spirit is Speaking…Are You Listening?

    The Spirit is Speaking…Are You Listening?

    Although the universe communicates with us daily, many often miss the divine messages.   If you are consciously aware, you will notice special moments in your day-to-day life.  When you pay closer attention, you will recognize the signs.  Like the hieroglyphs found on ancient Egyptian walls, the universe communicates with us via signs.  These signs are… Read more

  • Are You one of the 144,000…Gods Among Men?

    Are You one of the 144,000…Gods Among Men?

    While the uninitiated believe we are merely a metaphysical organization, our roots stem from an ancient origin.  The universe ordains members of the golden race to serve a greater purpose for all humanity.  They are part of the divine who walk among men in a human form.  They incarnated to fulfill their divine missions.  Knowing… Read more

  • Third Eye Activation

    Third Eye Activation

    When most people see our logo, they immediately assume we are into witchcraft or are part of a secret illuminati society.  They strategically implanted these negative associations into the minds of the public for a reason.  The Establishment wanted to ensure humanity lives in ignorance, so they are easy to control and manipulate.   Read more

  • Symptoms of the Great Awakening

    Symptoms of the Great Awakening

    We have heard so many teachers and gurus mention the word “ascension,” but very few people truly know what it is.  It is time we demystify it, so you KNOW what awaits humanity.  Simply put, ascension is when a particular life system raises its vibrational state from one energetic state of being and realm of… Read more

  • The Underworld Exposed

    The Underworld Exposed

    When we first started our spiritual journey, the first thing the universe revealed to us was the truth about our reality.  They began by breaking down the systems we incarnated under.  The real purpose of religious practices, the planetary controllers, and what we are really living in was exposed within our consciousness.  Like many others,… Read more

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