An Ancient Way to Strengthen Your Immune System

Today, many people are returning to nature, as they have seen firsthand the dangerous effects of synthetic chemicals and processed medications.  The use of all-natural essential oils for medicinal, cosmetic, and therapeutic purposes continues to grow as more are becoming consciously aware of the harmful effects chemicals can have on their immune systems.  Your immunity is vitally important as the planet is being bombarded by viruses.  Therefore, I highly recommend you learn how to create as many products as you can using natural ingredients.  From household cleaning products to body sprays, creating your own natural products will prove to be beneficial for your health.  

Aromatherapy has been used for millennia in conjunction with typical medical treatments because essential oils have been proven to be beneficial for your health. Instead of using complicated manmade chemicals, you should use products the way nature intended. Products in their natural form promote overall wellbeing.  Not only can you maintain health, but you can ward off illnesses like colds and flu just by inhaling lovely scents in your home, car, or office.

Aromatherapy can relieve tension and calm nerves. By using these complex organic compounds, you can feel better and look better.  Using essential oils will improve your health and raise your energy level.  You can use nature’s recipes to combat everything from diabetes to heart ailments while freeing yourself from the side effects of synthetic medications.  

I use essential oils to create many personal hygiene items for my family.  Here is a simple recipe I use to create organic body spray for my daughters. 

Items Needed:

Small Spray bottle

Your Favorite Essential Oils

Distilled Water

Unscented Alcohol


Fill the spray bottle with distilled water

Add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil to the water

Add 1 tbsp of Unscented Alcohol to the mixture

Shake thoroughly

Shake the mixture before each use

I allow my daughters to choose their own essential oils and blend them to create their own unique scents.  This is an inexpensive project that gives me the opportunity to educate them on the benefits of each oil they choose.  Body sprays are only one item you can create.  In our Aromatherapy short course, you will learn how to make many household items for a fraction of the retail cost.   

From floor washes to natural disinfectant sprays, you can purify your surroundings and strengthen your immune system at the same time.  If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend you purchase our short course in the online store.  Learning how to create your own products is a wonderful skill to have, especially if you desire to return to the ancient way.

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